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Unbiased Telephony Technical Consultants = migrate to VoIP, as and when it suits the business - Work from Home Solutions - Telephony Analysis = have a comprehensive review of your business telephony to LOWER THE COST OF TELEPHONY - Migrate away from expensive manufacturers systems, contracts - Migrate away from expensive providers and legacy circuits - CRM Integration - Network Optimization - Simulation Testing - Custom Wallboard Software - QoS - Contact Center - PCI Compliance Consultants - Design - VoIP Engineers - PBX Integration - Cisco - Digium - Asterisk - IVR Scripting - Call Center Design Consultants - CTI CRM Integration - Voice Recording - Cisco - Asterisk - Siemens - Avaya - Mitel - VoIP Network Design Consultants - Custom Training - SOHO Phone-Hub - Home Office and Smart Home Integration - Unbiased advice = no ties to single manufacturer or provider - Newcastle upon Tyne - London - VoIP Telephony Systems - Asterisk Technical Support - VoIP Technical Support - QoS Consultants

Lower the Cost of Telephony for Your Business

Design Services

Ensure your telephony design is suited to the business requirements with an unbiased technical review. We can work with your technical teams to provide network baseline, QoS design and review. We will work on procurement validation of quotations and report on technical suitability and value for money.

Technical Consulting

Lower the Cost of the business telephony with an unbiased review of your telephony infrastructure, dialplans and networks. Consultants are available for ad hoc and project work. Many clients continue to use our services beyond the initial review and design project. We also work incognito for several technology companies and provide a white-label service as required.



High Standards

All consultants and associates have many years experience and are certified on a wide variety of manufacturers' equipment to CCIE and dCAP levels and above. With no partner agreement targets for sales, we provide true non-biased advise, technical evaluation and training.

Support Services

From small network diagnostics through to multi-national support. Telephony infrastructure and dialplan review to comprehensive design analysis and lab verification/simulation services, we can lower the cost AND improve the telephony for your business.


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Download the Guide to Telephony - provides basic information of how VoIP compares to traditional telephony, how legacy equipment and circuits are to be phased out, differences between analogue and digital voice systems, differences between hosted (cloud) telephony and premisis based telephony and provides checklists for your telephony planning....

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Astricon Clip - 2000 seat Call Center

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PRI ISDN (ISDN R.I.P.) REPLACEMENT - the large telcos such as AT&T, Verizon, Deutsche Telecom, Belgacom and British Telecom announced the 'end of life' for their ISDN services several years ago. For some, back in 2017 ISDN BRI/PRI circuits were already phased out and by 2021 most telcos hope to be entirely IP. It is important for companies to plan for the migration to be able to optimise the use of legacy PBX systems yet move forward with the latest voip technologies........

>> Download the PSTN Switch Off extract doc >> Download the Guide to ISDN Replacement >> Download the General Guide to Telephony


image 2SAVE MONEY - By Removing the middle-men in your telecoms portfolio you can save thousands - get a true unbiased review of your telecoms spending - find out if you are getting value for money on your telecoms trunks, call rates and voice services..... >> Read More

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Direct replacements for Mitel end-of-life products NOW AVAILABLE - keep your handsets and move to the latest VoIP system >> Read More

SOHO Phone-Hub READY FOR PSTN SWITCH OFF - block unwanted calls from scammers, block unidentified callers until they identify themselves, route inbound calls to the right person based upon time of day and callerID, integrate with smart home, assisted living, automation, security and alarm systems - integrate with legacy landlines and old PBX system to allow you to move to voip, as and when you want to......>> Read More

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